Western Coventry Community Organization 

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WESTIE Help Wanted

Can you help us out? We need lots of volunteer support. Things like: crafting, volunteering at and event, picking up pizza or similar items. We will update this list as things come up. Thank you in advance! 

Santa Sale & Holiday Happenings 

While your WCE student is shopping, all family, siblings and friends are invited to our Holiday Happenings. Pictures with Santa, a bake sale, games and more. In order to make this event a success we need your help. If you are available to help in any way please let us know.   

Congratulations to all the Westie Wise Owls and their families for exceeding our $8000 walk-a-thon goal! This Friday night September 28th we will have a color explosion celebration on the playground at Western Coventry elementary. If you are avaible to help out please let sign up. 

We are always looking for great people to become the best volunteers for our upcoming events!

We would love to see you at our Harvest Fest as well as our Santa Sale and Holiday Happenings!  Please feel free to contact our Harvest Fest Chair Sara Vieira (saravieira@hotmail.com) or contact our Santa Sale & Holiday Happenings Chairs Sara Vieira, Jen Koczan (wccopresident@gmail.com) & Milissa Fuscaldo (wccotr@gmail.com).