Western Coventry Community Organization 

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Our Team

WCCO Executive Board

Jen Koczan

WCCO President
Jen is a mom of two, Hadley Grade 7 at ASFMS and Gryphon Grade 3 at WCE! She is also a TA at Western.


WCCO CO-Vice President
Sarah is mom to Gunnar in 3rd grade at Western. She is very crafty and will likely be found face painting or conducting paint nights! 


WCCO CO-Vice President
Jess is mom to Trevor in 3rd grade. Her two older sons attended WCE and her family couldn't be happier to be back.




WCCO Treasurer 
Milchelle is mom to two. Sean attends ASFMS and Sarah in 5th grade at WCE. She is also our fundraising committee chair.


WCCO Secretary
Jenn is mom to Kayla in 5th grade at Western and Travis and Ella who previously attended WCE. Jenn is also a TA at Western.



2019-2020 Western Coventry Officers
Contact info

President:  Jen Koczan


Co-VPs: Sarah Swanson & Jess DeBoer


Secretary:  Jennifer Sampaio


Treasurer:  Michelle Czapiga


Event Chairs 2019-2020

Bylaws - Stephanie Titcomb    email - sst112883@gmail.com 

Fundraising/Walk-A-Thon - Michelle Czapiga     email - wccotr@gmail.com

Membership - Jen Sampaio      email - wccosec@gmail.com

Hospitality - Amanda Abule      email - amauble02816@aol.com

Harvest Festival - Sara Vieria & Denise Ferragamo   email -  saravieria803@hotmail.com

Talent Show - This will be school run event, we will provide parent volunteers 

Santa Sale & Holiday Happenings - Sara Vieira & Jess DeBoer email - j.deboer04@yahoo.com 

Staff Appreciation - Jess Deboer    email - j.deboer04@yahoo.com

Paint Night - Sarah Swanson    email - wccovps@gmail.com

Shopping Extravaganza - Kelly Kujawski    email - Kelly.a.kujawski@gmail.com

United Skates of America - chair is vacant 

Dance - Jen Koczan   email - jenkoczan1@gmail.com

Birthday Spirit Stick Program - Jen Struckel  email - jfstruckel1126@gmail.com

Clothing Swap - Angie Murray   email - greenone4@yahoo.com

Additional chairs will be selected at upcoming meetings as events are scheduled / committees are formed. To express interest in an event contact Jen Koczan.

*If you are experiencing any problems navigating our website, please contact our

Website Master:

Jess DeBoer  wccowsm@gmail.com